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UAFAR is dedicated to increasing campus health and safety

The University of Alberta First Aid Responders (UAFAR) is dedicated to increasing campus health and safety through a focus on first aid knowledge and training. We accomplish these goals through a two-pronged approach. (1) First aid-trained UAFAR volunteers attend University of Alberta campus events as first aid responders completely free of charge, equipped with a full complement of first aid supplies, including an AED. Volunteers also attend a minimum of three skill-training sessions per semester, designed to practice and maintain first aid skills. (2) Certified standard first aid instructors provide several discounted standard first aid classes to students throughout the school year, aimed at increasing first aid training on the University of Alberta campus. First aid courses for clubs and student groups can also be arranged. 


UAFAR attends campus events fully equipped with first aid supplies to provide standard first aid coverage, free of charge. 


UAFAR volunteers are exposed to hands-on first aid treatment and casualty interaction in a dynamic team environment.  


Skill Development Sessions