UAFAR Full Logo

Please use this version of the logo whenever possible

Please contact us for other versions of the logo.


UAFAR's font is called Pancetta Pro. Please use this font and the colour scheme outlined below in all UAFAR documents and media.

The regular and italic styles are available as a free download from the websites below:


  • Dark green
    • Pantone: 356
    • CMYK: C=95 M=8 Y=93 K=27
    • RGB: R=0 G=124 B=65
    • Hexadecimal: #007C41
  • Light green
    • Pantone: 376
    • CMYK: C=53 M=0 Y=96 K=0
    • RGB: R=122 G=184 B=0
    • Hexadecimal: #7AB800